Emu vs Uggs

A Comparison Review between EMU Australia and UGG boots

Emu Boots vs Ugg Boots


It is evident that these boots are here to stay, as shown by the growing popularity.

In this article we compared EMUs to UGGs, so that our readers can acquire the necessary details in order to make an informative decision based on their needs and budget.


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These boots were compared in seven different categories:
1. Price
2. Durability
3. Comfort
4. Maintenance
5. Support
6. Style/Fashion
7. Usability


After researching it has been shown that UGGs generally cost more than EMUs. However, the average (non premium) EMU will be priced from $70.00 to $100.00. Mini or lo boots can range in price from $65 to $80. This is in comparison with UGG short boots that start at $110 and up. It should be said that there are great deals and discounts available on both these brands, so I recommend doing your research. But with a slight edge in lower pricing, this category goes to EMU.
QUICK UPDATE: JAN, 2015 – Since this article was written awhile back we wanted to provide a quick update on price. Looking at the classic short boots, EMUs ranged around $125-$140 while UGGs range from $145-$160. For tall boots the price goes up for EMUs to $165 and UGGs at $190. Platinum and premium boots for both brands shows a larger difference with EMUs ranging from $155-$185 and UGGs at $200 and up. In terms of waterproof boots they are closer in pricing with EMUs ranging from $175 to $200 and UGGs from $170 – $225. So even at this time, EMUs are still comparatively lower in price than UGGs.

EMU Australia Footwear Reviews


With durability we are referring to how long the boots last and in what situations. Emu boots are double interlocking stitched, while Uggs are single stitched, meaning the Emus are more durable. The soles of the EMU also appear to be more lasting according to hundreds of reviews. The company, Emu Australia designed the boots with a tougher rubber outsole with soft EVA inset known as emuSoleTM. In general, customers are also very happy with their Uggs, but for those that have both emu and ugg boots, the majority found that their emu boots hold up better than their Ugg boots. Thus in this category, EMU also wins.

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Here’s a great video that reviewed the durability of EMU Australia boots

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Both EMU Australia and UGG Australia make their boots with 100% Australian Sheepskin. Australian Sheepskin is super soft, thicker and has a great feel making it extremely comfortable. In general, sheepskin is one of the warmest natural fibers in the world and helps to regulate your core body temperature. Emu Australia also makes some of its boots with Merino wool. Some of the features and benefits of Merino wool is that is has odor reducing qualities, stain resistant, static resistant, durable, fire resistant, safe, sustainable, biodegradable and can be use in multiple climates. Now the UGG will win for having the softest exterior amongst all other similar boots. However, in terms of interior, there are mixed verdicts. Because the shaft in the UGG’s are a bit bigger, it does allow cold air to come in, making it a bit uncomfortable and cosy. However, the UGG’s fleece is more softer than EMU’s, while the EMU’s fit more snug. For this one, it really comes down to personal preference, and it seems that you cannot go wrong, if looking purely at comfort, so I will say it’s a tie.




Ultimately because both of these boots are made with sheepskin, you do have to be careful with your use of them. However, EMUs are water resistant, not water proofed, but water resistant. Therefore they will hold up better in certain conditions. Care for these boots in terms of cleaning, can be found here. For its true water resistant qualities, EMU wins this category.  Three of the best cleaning kits from EMU, Bearpaw and UGG are shown below.

Cleaning Kits:


EMU Australia seems to have taken extra steps to ensure that they manufactured a boots that was both comfortable and supportive. The company offers a brand that is anatomically correct sheepskin lined insole with arch support. For the higher level boots, the insoles are also removable. Even sold fans of the UGG boot rave about these two features which provide a noticeable difference when worn. In this category, EMU wins hand down.



Both companies offer various styles for their customers. With EMU Australia for women, there are over 40 styles of boots ranging from the traditional Stinger (mini, lo and hi options) to the more stylish Maloo, Illoura and Caloundra options. There is even the Armadale made from luxurious vintage leather with a short pile sheepskin lining. UGG is also a major triple threat in this arena, and shows why they will always remain one of the top brands. In their new arrivals for the season, the company features classic short sparkles of different colors, the Montclair, Bailey Bling, Mayling, Newberry and the Edmonton to name a few. The company is certainly venturing out from the traditional sheepskin exterior, with new looks and styles and setting the stage for everyone else. For being a trendsetter, as they always have been UGG wins this category.


EMU Australia provides several benefits and features that make their boots more usable. The company is highly regarded for its gripping/traction soles that ultimately allow for safety when walking on snow or slippery surfaces. In addition, with its added arch support the EMU boots can practically be used by anyone. For those that suffer with flat feet, injury or the need for orthotics, EMU boots provides a win-win solution and outshines most others boots in this category. Add to this its water resistant qualities and EMU easily wins in usability.


So for those who are keeping track, that is 5 wins for EMU Boots, 1 win for UGG and a tie in the comfort category. In conclusion, the decision to buy is truly a personal one. EMU slightly edges out UGG in price, so I do not believe price will truly be a deterrent. Style and fashion is a matter of personal preference. Some fancy the UGG as it was the initial trendsetter for these types of boots and will buy it because of the brand name, this is understandable. If however, you are looking at usability, durability and support, in my opinion, without question it’s the EMU.


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